Friday, September 23, 2011

Change of pace...

So up until this point, my blog has been dedicated to Zombie Films. I've had several people in my inner circle ponder over why I specialized, my main reason being that I am an avid Zombie Fanatic. I say that with pride, a badge of honour so to speak. Though my friends did bring up a valid point, I should review Horror films in general. I think this can be derived from the fact that I am not only a cinephile but I love the messy gore of Horror. So here it is, like Frankenstein's monster given life anew... I present to you Horror: The Gory, The B-Rated, & The Cliche.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A sort of Hiatus...

So I've been rather lax in my posts/reviews as of late... been a busy lady. Convention season keeps me on my toes, which leads me to this post. I have been asked to possibly review horror films as a whole, instead of just Zombie films. A novel idea, but this genre is one I hold dear to my heart. I am a cinephile; I like bad, good, terrible, never should have been made movies. As I write this, I am watching one of those very sort of films that call to me - Bunraku. Which I might say, is an absolutely TERRIBLE film. Yet I watch it, as I have watched others.

 For the time being, I am leaving this blog as it is; reviews on "Zombie" films. Just a matter of tossing in a few more of them into my line up. If anyone has a film they want to recommend or would rather have me watch first before they waste their time on it; I am always happy to oblige. So until then Zombie fans, enjoy your brains!